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673126 Anonymous 2021-06-20T11:22:22Z No. flit-V5UF3CV3 [Report]

I am like 99% certain that this man has written more than two books (How To Make Money In Your Spare Time; How To Be a Drug Dealer) and I need to find them also 673126 thread I guess

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Anonymous 2021-06-20T11:23:13Z No. flit-KH5QT4XZ [Report] >>flit-1WOI4YML >>flit-HYNKZMGZ

>>flit-V5UF3CV3 (OP) his second book I could find, this one is supposed to be very popular

Anonymous 2021-07-04T17:59:42Z No. flit-1WOI4YML [Report]

>>flit-KH5QT4XZ who knows there might be a third

Anonymous 2021-07-10T23:02:05Z No. flit-R92HWT6W [Report] >>flit-HYNKZMGZ

>>flit-V5UF3CV3 (OP) Lol I wonder what is the actual content of these books. Do you have PDFs?

Anonymous 2021-07-11T02:59:23Z No. flit-HYNKZMGZ [Report] >>DVSA17JK

>>flit-R92HWT6W took a quick online could only find >>flit-KH5QT4XZ but in horrible quality

Anonymous 2021-10-14T21:41:58Z No. DVSA17JK [Report]

>>flit-HYNKZMGZ maybe you could upload some scans? for science of course

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Anonymous 2021-07-17T15:18:32Z No. flit-86S04IWO [Report]

I'm resourceful. I'm creative, I'm young, unscrupulous, highly motivated, highly skilled. In essence what I'm saying is that society cannot afford to lose me. I'm an asset.

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sage 2021-07-17T23:51:26Z No. flit-PATNT7N0 [Report]

>>flit-86S04IWO (OP)

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Anonymous 2021-07-04T23:44:19Z No. flit-7Z709SHI [Report]

>you agree that manga is literature too, right anon?

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Anonymous 2021-07-07T10:14:06Z No. flit-DWVD4R77 [Report] >>flit-Y82MAHGH

>>flit-7Z709SHI (OP) Are visual novels considered literature?

Anonymous 2021-07-08T19:25:25Z No. flit-EELMDE62 [Report]

>>flit-7Z709SHI (OP) It mostly isn't, except good mangas, like Berserk.

Anonymous 2021-07-09T04:05:30Z No. flit-Y82MAHGH [Report]

>>flit-DWVD4R77 Yes. and anyone telling you otherwise is wrong

Anonymous 2021-07-09T05:46:38Z No. flit-Y9HO9N5C [Report]

>>flit-7Z709SHI (OP) Its literature, but its not good literature.

Anonymous 2021-07-14T05:57:29Z No. flit-AW747FF6 [Report]

>>flit-7Z709SHI (OP) i would fuck her loli ass so hard she's so cute

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Anonymous 2021-06-16T22:54:22Z No. flit-MO1UT3A4 [Report]

can any philosopher explain why the admin keeps creating boards on topics with no demand?

Anonymous 2021-06-16T23:09:18Z No. flit-NRK16HHC [Report]

>>flit-MO1UT3A4 (OP) you do not have to be the target audience for a board to be created. having a place for a little bit more well thought out posts is not a bad thing.

Anonymous 2021-06-16T23:45:54Z No. flit-WAEEQJC8 [Report]

>>fb-P4FNA11Z → true, there is more thought into them than just created on a whim. for /lit/, there is no board on fchan that is dedicated for more thought provoking topics. they can post it on /b/ but can easily get drowned out by other things. /w/ is a place for higher quality images that others would want to have as a wallpaper. seems self explanatory. i get how it seems random. but its also fine to have slow boards.

Anonymous 2021-06-17T21:32:36Z No. flit-5XZJ2U2K [Report]

>>flit-MO1UT3A4 (OP) Let's suppose, that 4chan gets somehow down, or freezed for some time. FChan would be ready to host the refugees.

Anonymous 2021-07-09T03:27:15Z No. flit-FNVTHBKV [Report]

>>flit-MO1UT3A4 (OP) I like lit, I vote for it to stay (why do you care faggot?)

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Anonymous 2021-06-18T01:34:49Z No. flit-IKM7EN4Y [Report]

What's your comfort book? The book you always go back to when you're bored or don't know what to read? For me it's Hatchet (picrel).

File 0c40a4c6396162b69712485db3(...).jpg (71.68 KB)
Anonymous 2021-06-18T07:25:02Z No. flit-LQ9O98JR [Report] >>flit-PZE3MW3P

This is an always an easy read. Not too much of a commitment. Has a good atmosphere with dystopian corporation take over, interesting tech, interesting characters/dog What makes you like hatchet so much?

Anonymous 2021-06-18T14:14:50Z No. flit-PZE3MW3P [Report]

>>flit-LQ9O98JR It was one of the first few books and really enjoyed when I was younger, I've just kept going back to it every now and then. It's a pretty good book IMO, simple, but still good. Plus it has a decent amount of spinoffs from the ending of the story that are decent.


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