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File: Baka!.png (94.20 KB)
baka.best Anonymous 2021-08-11T20:41:24Z No. fb-ZEDA5Q3Q [Report]

Baka! is online again! https://baka.best/ Come have fun and act retarded.

sage 2021-08-12T22:36:43Z No. fb-HWOZQO8S [Report]

>posts same shit twice learn federation you fucking faggot die out

Anonymous 2021-09-03T16:45:01.035941Z No. fb-RGKKXZCX [Report]

>>fb-ZEDA5Q3Q (OP) cuckflared

302 2021-12-08T13:28:10.402922Z No. fb-MD73QJZQ [Report]

A reminder to have your daily visit to Leftypol!

File: 5023da69d503229cab9c2d10f8(...).jpg (635.70 KB)
Brandon robert kelley 2021-11-09T22:25:02Z No. fb-OH3TFN7L [Report]

Brandon robert kelley is a deranged pedophile who destroys imageboards by endlessly spamming cp.

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Anonymous 2021-11-22T14:29:43.313685Z No. fb-GLTTGJ98 [Report]

>>5KYCVXP2 Sagesito por ese culo

Anonymous 2021-12-01T06:19:01.428859Z No. fb-UTDJ77WH [Report]

>>fb-AQ18KYU6 I want you to watch out for him

Anonymous 2021-12-03T08:22:19.723537Z No. fb-W3X2RAJ0 [Report] >>fb-4J965D19

>>fb-OH3TFN7L (OP) All capitalists are pedos

Anonymous 2021-12-05T01:17:16.012029Z No. fb-4J965D19 [Report] >>fb-JYFDN8XG

>>fb-W3X2RAJ0 shut the fuck up leftyfaggot go back to your unfederated dumpster

File and seethe.webm (3.94 MB)
Anonymous 2021-12-08T13:23:47.79253Z No. fb-JYFDN8XG [Report]

>>fb-4J965D19 >leftyfaggot COPE AND SEETHE

File: logo.png (810.17 KB)
Anonymous 2021-08-10T23:47:02Z No. fb-3EUL52W6 [Report]

sup. wanna join our community? mewch.cf

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sage 2021-08-12T22:38:08Z No. fb-AC5KQHI1 [Report]

i'll give this one half a day. die faggot nobody likes your dogshit website

Anonymous 2021-09-05T16:27:59Z No. fb-IWJFLN9G [Report] >>9M9FZM2Z

I thought that mewch died long ago.

Anonymous 2021-09-06T06:20:48Z No. 9M9FZM2Z [Report]

>>fb-IWJFLN9G Lel, me too. It did in fact go down in 2019. Well, cool to see Megamilk is still at it.

File Русские+сербы-братья.jpg(...).jpg (198.98 KB)
Anonymous 2021-09-08T08:47:10Z No. fb-L761WWLK [Report]

>>fvip-QB5SJXZ2 DA.

File leftylogo.png (82.20 KB)
Anonymous 2021-12-08T13:21:56.506375Z No. fb-9P7E1GNC [Report]

>>fb-3EUL52W6 (OP) Hey, you know what? Leftypol.org is better

File: cirno-fumo.gif (832.32 KB)
Anonymous 2021-10-16T04:45:50.593229Z No. fb-BYS5AWJE [Report]

http://www.boatchan.ml/ < join it

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Anonymous 2021-10-19T09:47:59.40288Z No. fb-VPCN1DC0 [Report]

>>fb-BYS5AWJE (OP) dead lawl

File visit.png (123.96 KB)
Anonymous 2021-12-03T08:25:27.520879Z No. fb-C84SYGXM [Report] >>fb-RWRGWWOP >>fb-8XRUKRQ8

>>fb-BYS5AWJE (OP) It's dead lmao. You comrades must better go to leftypol.org/leftypol Unironically it's heaven on the internet. LONG LIVE LEFTYPOL Kiçine koyondu emes,

File Animeliberty.jpg (57.50 KB)
Anonymous 2021-12-03T21:18:20.806028Z No. fb-RWRGWWOP [Report] >>fb-RZEUMIWA

>>fb-C84SYGXM >unfederated board gets advertised >gets mocked >two months later necros by posting another fucking unfederated board Dear 0anon, do you lack any self-awareness? :)

File 20211204191614.png (76.60 KB)
Anonymous 2021-12-05T01:16:31.377307Z No. fb-8XRUKRQ8 [Report] >>fb-RZEUMIWA

>>fb-C84SYGXM please kill yourself faggot. federate or die BRAH

Anonymous 2021-12-08T13:19:55.080061Z No. fb-RZEUMIWA [Report]

>>fb-RWRGWWOP >>fb-8XRUKRQ8 Seethe >gets mocked Like I care? Cope and seethe

File: coat of arms.png (82.20 KB)
Anonymous 2021-10-18T02:33:11.047144Z No. fb-20FVOTOC [Report]

==I guess Leftypol's a good imageboard for you guys...== https://leftypol.org

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Anonymous 2021-11-16T15:20:50.26937Z No. fb-3AI6HQ2P [Report] >>fb-3F3SJ3ZT

>>fb-GD4AU8GA not even remotely true suck my cock

Anonymous 2021-11-17T21:59:45.132426Z No. fb-3F3SJ3ZT [Report]

>>fb-3AI6HQ2P present it then nigger

Anonymous 2021-12-01T03:30:32.669623Z No. fb-ON5MWGYD [Report] >>fb-HQ6CP3SR

>>fb-3PANYW22 Still confusing liberals for communists episode #140784368203029

sage 2021-12-07T14:00:24.940322Z No. fb-HQ6CP3SR [Report] >>fb-GHDVWP1E

>>fb-ON5MWGYD >i'm not THAT kind of faggot you're still wrong and you're still a faggot and need to kill yourself, sorry

Anonymous 2021-12-08T13:17:13.581775Z No. fb-GHDVWP1E [Report]


File: 20211126220840.png (28.62 KB)
Anonymous 2021-12-05T01:21:00.803229Z No. fb-DYY14S0N [Report]

hey /b/oyfriends has anyone of you #raped before? #rapestories #rapethread #asianmalewhitemale

Anonymous 2021-12-06T03:14:16.164845Z No. fb-KPXRFPRN [Report] >>fb-72NG63U0

>>fb-DYY14S0N (OP) yeah I've raped, what about it

Anonymous 2021-12-06T14:09:13.34772Z No. fb-72NG63U0 [Report]

>>fb-KPXRFPRN can yo umake a greentext abt it? :menherapeek:

File: Imagepipe_26.jpg (52.35 KB)
Diplomacy and advertising thread Anonymous 2021-11-04T23:26:23Z No. 3HAJ6502 [Report]

Let's try to get other chans to connect to our network. Post attempts and results ITT. I'll start: https://leftypol.org/meta/res/14325.html (archived on archive.today)

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Anonymous 2021-11-22T02:01:51.030343Z No. fb-OXSMF31K [Report] >>fb-LL62RVQI >>fb-WEG5VOYS

>>fb-6UVIHX6J >>fb-4UIA33D7 "traction" aka mindless dogma talk go back to your /pol/ shithole niggerchan retard

Anonymous 2021-11-22T02:03:11.477751Z No. fb-DBMN542Q [Report]

>>fb-0UQU8GWZ this

Anonymous 2021-11-22T03:35:26.152115Z No. fb-LL62RVQI [Report] >>fb-WEG5VOYS

>>fb-0UQU8GWZ >>fb-OXSMF31K THIS Tired of braindead directional people ruining everything

Anonymous 2021-11-22T14:31:13.284467Z No. fb-WEG5VOYS [Report] >>fb-KY8AP85J

>>fb-OXSMF31K >>fb-LL62RVQI How can you expect people to change, if you are not willing to debate with them? This is not a safe space.

Anonymous 2021-11-22T21:16:43.615893Z No. fb-KY8AP85J [Report]

>>fb-WEG5VOYS fedanon, how can you debate with these people when their head is so far up the ass of the matrix that encompasses their political jargon and stupid culture wars that they don't even know how to communicate ideas properly anymore? If wanting a "safe space" means wanting to have a board free of irritating hypnodrones, then fuck yes :D

File: whoisthis.jpg (68.34 KB)
Anonymous 2021-07-23T03:26:13Z No. 4BN7JFKG [Report]

who is this and why do i keep seeing edgelords posting this image online?

Anonymous 2021-08-03T19:33:25Z No. 907O0SRH [Report]

>>4BN7JFKG (OP) keep the spooks on the /x/ board thx

Anonymous 2021-11-08T03:13:14.276287Z No. fg-ZJTY70UY [Report]

>>4BN7JFKG (OP) max stirner. known german faggot from the times where every german was a genuis that opposes le ideologies. mostly used by troon faggots that think their convoluted mixture of 10 ideologies is quirky and different and never seen before, you can disregard

Anonymous 2021-11-11T19:25:38.651227Z No. fb-MJW2P34Y [Report] >>fb-DT0GXUKT

>>4BN7JFKG (OP) Stirner was a contrarian, in conflict with Karl Marx, and who thought the individual was the most important thing. His main work is the unique and it's property. Marx, in response, wrote the german ideology. Stirner is nice, because without him, we wouldn't have had the german ideology from Marx.

File 20211116092229.png (71.59 KB)
Anonymous 2021-11-16T15:22:44.744361Z No. fb-DT0GXUKT [Report]

>>fb-MJW2P34Y this is the gayest post i have ever read in my life kill yourself #WARX

File: 035e3e4.jpeg (366.05 KB)
How do you create a new board? Anonymous 2021-09-10T20:21:09Z No. fb-WO8KOHVN [Report]

How do you create a new board? How does the federation work -- when I tried to go to /amh -- a board findable here (http://kyogi7dxn3mr6a7eabaqh3jnxbbqbhty46aqstuhmqmokcxgr4vnbpid.onion/amh) -- on this site, I just got a "404 no path" error. Sorrrry for being a newb.

Anonymous 2021-09-11T01:02:10Z No. fb-K7NC4U40 [Report] >>fb-1KJ4MK37

>>fb-WO8KOHVN (OP) >>>amh is only on kyogi, each site can have their own different boards. I think a couple other instances have /a/ or /amh/, you've just gotta find them

Anonymous 2021-09-11T01:02:57Z No. fb-1KJ4MK37 [Report]

>>fb-K7NC4U40 accidental greentext whoops!!!!!!

Anonymous 2021-11-10T21:34:13.754894Z No. fb-A978RDWH [Report]

>>fb-WO8KOHVN (OP)

File: 31F7BA06-B8D5-4732-8495-E0(...).jpeg (190.56 KB)
Anonymous 2021-09-26T20:09:58Z No. fb-L3F2UO5L [Report]

Hey 😉 my name is patience enjoy my sexy BBW tits

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File 77309744-683B-4109-936E-CE(...).jpeg (303.70 KB)
Anonymous 2021-11-06T09:09:52Z No. fb-76AYU6EH [Report]

>>fb-TADCDY4V I’m not a bot and why should I go away? I just like showing off my slutty body.

File 6B9D2855-4734-46F8-96D4-9E(...).jpeg (1.66 MB)
Anonymous 2021-11-06T09:11:02Z No. fb-FNUIUBUG [Report] >>fb-TCPC10DO

If you found me tied up like this what would you do?

Anonymous 2021-11-06T13:12:29.020502Z No. fb-2AAN3TTU [Report]

>>fb-L3F2UO5L (OP) imagine tittyfucking those milkies

File external-content.duckduckg(...).duckduckgo.com.jpeg (98.18 KB)
Anonymous 2021-11-06T23:59:38.190002Z No. fb-TCPC10DO [Report]

>>fb-FNUIUBUG keep you tied up, move it out to the yard, and buy a new bed. euck.

Anonymous 2021-11-10T17:13:45.12792Z No. fb-U816LBM0 [Report]

>>fb-L3F2UO5L (OP) no, your name is Louise

File: wp5107641-anime-hip-hop-wa(...).jpg (193.42 KB)
Anonymous 2021-09-25T18:57:51Z No. fb-7O4LF474 [Report]

what are you listening to right now, anon?

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File glow.jpg (54.58 KB)
Anonymous 2021-09-28T22:20:58Z No. fb-GHITZUF9 [Report]

>>fb-7O4LF474 (OP) EDM

Anonymous 2021-10-14T23:04:41Z No. WXJU6HDD [Report]

>>fb-FU2QOMH1 This. And if outside is just depressing glass and steel and concrete, move to the countryside, or at least a small town or suburb.

Anonymous 2021-10-16T23:24:29Z No. U8X6V2U6 [Report]

>>fb-7O4LF474 (OP) Minimal Compact found them through the state51 conspiracy

File fuckyeah.mp4 (1.06 MB)
Anonymous 2021-11-07T03:47:25.022261Z No. fb-0U04SRBE [Report] >>fb-0RF6HAML


File Eskimo_Callboy_-_WE_GOT_TH(...).mp3 (3.34 MB)
Anonymous 2021-11-07T03:49:17.767908Z No. fb-0RF6HAML [Report]


File: cirno-fumo.gif (832.32 KB)
Anonymous 2021-10-24T18:47:53.84534Z No. fb-BLKKL6NB [Report]


sage 2021-10-27T02:23:48.944668Z No. fb-93DC1WI4 [Report]

federate or die stupid faggot kys

Anonymous 2021-10-27T16:10:16.676807Z No. fb-DRI33FNV [Report] >>fb-0AK383ZD

>>fb-BLKKL6NB (OP) Nigger imageboard

Anonymous 2021-10-28T02:56:59.074353Z No. fb-0AK383ZD [Report] >>fb-7KZS1WBP

>>fb-DRI33FNV You're a nigger imageboard.

Anonymous 2021-10-28T17:59:54.533763Z No. fb-EDWN14QL [Report]

>>fb-BLKKL6NB (OP) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQwCgQI_WoQ

sage 2021-11-02T14:55:06.013369Z No. fb-7KZS1WBP [Report]

>>fb-0AK383ZD cry about it stupid faggot

File: cirno-fumo.gif (832.32 KB)
Anonymous 2021-10-29T00:35:47Z No. fb-3947FQDV [Report]


File fod.jpg (826.44 KB)
Anonymous 2021-10-29T01:26:28.188973Z No. fb-VSHMDIHH [Report]

>>fb-3947FQDV (OP)

Anonymous 2021-10-29T05:23:13.632761Z No. fb-WM5ZRCJM [Report]

>>fb-3947FQDV (OP) didn't this one die already?

File: 2017-05-10-rise-from-your-(...).png (1.41 MB)
Anonymous 2021-10-10T03:14:52.262011Z No. fb-GTRPFSP7 [Report]

fchan.xyz back from the dead will shitchans ever recover?

Anonymous 2021-10-20T23:49:05.439965Z No. fb-PJS6I0LD [Report]

>>fb-GTRPFSP7 (OP) never

File: peepoo.png (522.66 KB)
Anonymous 2021-10-17T03:35:22Z No. fb-PG206946 [Report]

looking 4 black ppl 4 slave roleplay in a video hit me up


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